CentOS is Dead


Red Hat just killed CentOS and brought its end-of-life forward by 8 years, from 2029 to 2021.
One of the most stable and popular Linux distributions in the world has just been unexpectedly ended, leaving its users stranded. CentOS Stream still exists, but it doesn’t provide the same stability that CentOS users demand.
In this video we explore what happened, and what the options are for people who now find themselves having to replace CentOS at short notice. Will Red Hat help its community? Could a newcomer called Rocky Linux save the day?
The situation is still evolving at the time of recording, so check out the links below for the latest information.

Video explaining the relationship between Red Hat, CentOS, and Fedora:
? https://youtu.be/44tARUc30-8

CentOS Announcement:
? https://blog.centos.org/2020/12/future-is-centos-stream/

вќ“ https://centos.org/distro-faq/

Red Hat Announcement:
? https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/centos-stream-building-innovative-future-enterprise-linux

Red Hat FAQ:
вќ“ https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/faq-centos-stream-updates

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  1. I totally saw this coming when I heard that IBM bought out Redhat. Thanks IBM. The only reason that redhat got on the board of centos was to kill it. Companies like the one I was at were jumping ship from redhat to centos to save money. So IBM/Redhat did this on purpose. They got people to upgrade to centos 8 with promises of support. They want people to move back to Redhat from centos. Now companies have to choose to eat the cost of using Redhat or go through an extensive upgrade process. Mark my words, in the next few years once enough companies have moved to Redhat they will raise license and support prices. It's the IBM way. The companies that eat the cost to move away from Redhat will save money in the long haul.

  2. So I'm new to the IT field and was wanting to get my rhcsa cert. Seeing that I was gonna use centos to prepare for my exam and IBM buying redhat would me getting that cert lock me in to only working for ibm? And should I just get my xk0-004 or lfcs instead?

  3. For anyone living in the UK, amazingly, the new Tesco "card only" self-scan checkout update brings in CentOS Linux 7 over the previous Windows builds. And they run 10 times better than any of the old Windows-based builds.

  4. I'm using Fedora on laptops from now and Debian for server. Seems to work for me.. I'd use Debian everywhere but I've just had too many hardware issues with the laptops even after installing nonfree drivers.

  5. I'm not a Linux admin so thiis is the first I'm hearing about this. I'm a data center technician that has worked with a number of large corporations and my linux experience is negligable. But what I can tell you is that every major corporation that I've worked for used CentOS as their sole Linux distro. They used it because they don't need support contracts with OS manufacturers. They have the admins that can take care of any issues they have. What they need is stability with software updates and CentOS gave that to them. One of the problems is that they all see their data centers as an expense and not a money maker. Because of this way of thinking they don't want to pay for things they don't need like a support contract unless it's necessary for them too like with hardware.

    So these corporations are going to have to make a decision. Do they migrate to RedHat and the huge expenditure of money it's going to cost them because of the amount of Linux servers they're running (most of the machines are virtualized into more than just one server so they'll have to pay for each install), do they stick with a possibly less stable release of CentOS Stream or do they migrate to a completely new distro of Linux or stick with an unsupported OS that is no longer updated with all the risks that entails.

    IBM may have just shot themselves in the foot though. If you've got IBM hardware running a free OS are you really going to want to effectivly pay them for an OS that used to be free as well? That's going to cost a lot of money. Who knows, we'll see what the future holds.

  6. i dunno i feel a little stupid saying but in my experience its a line i the sand an updated system and unstable system its like they call and put a name where they decides it more unstable than updated …hopefully its like google their new canary channel are pretty much way more updated and they only burn if you go out of your way but i see the worry hopefully they dont try to use to it as an escuse that would be bullshit but since their integrating maybe they came to the same conclusion that they didnt need one even though it sounds like they might have atrick up their sleeve to go with the dev channel name…. gentoo hahaha jk

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