CentOS is Dead. Long Live CentOS! (CentOS Stream Explained)


In this video, you’re going to learn about the change in focus of the CentOS project from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream. More importantly, you’re going to learn what that means for you and any actions you might want to take as a result of this change. So, if you use CentOS in any capacity, be it professionally, for educational purposes, or just for fun, you’ll want to watch this video.

РІРЏВ± Time codes (CentOS is Dead. Long Live CentOS!)
00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Official CentOS Announcement
1:28 – Red Hat Enterprise Linux
2:21 – Paid Support vs Community Support
4:07 – The Traditional Role of CentOS Linux
5:18 – Red Hat Acquisition of CentOS
6:14 – CentOS Stream
7:16 – Fedora
8:23 – RHEL Development Process
8:54 – CentOS Linux is Dead… NOT!
9:57 – CentOS Alternatives
11:14 – CentOS 8 EOL (End of Life)
12:16 – Rocky Linux
12:52 – AlmaLinux
13:37 – Oracle Linux
15:01 – Summary

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  1. Oracle Linux, Alma Linux, and soon enough (currently only in Release Candidate status) …Rocky Linux….; the cheap bastards of the planet find a way!

  2. I've been using Fedora as Desktop for many years. In an job few years ago (theoretically junior RoR DEV) I had to deploy some things to both Gentoo, and Ubuntu Servers (postfix+dovecot+spamassasis, postgres, ejabberd, nginx etc) that made me know, that after so many years of Desktop linux usage I'm able to easly learn how to do some deployment. But I'm still Fedora guy, so I wanted to pick one of Red Hat's distros for my side projects. Now I'm a little confused. I'm probably going to run few distros on virtual machines, and decide after testing them.

  3. Cloudlinux did not said there is 1m investment for the project. They said investors back up the "company" (that has many products not just Cloudlinux OS) more likely is there is only a team behind it.

  4. 12:18 he was in Centos back when Centos wasnt even RHEL based. He left long before Centos became RHEL based.
    He left Centos more than 10 years ago. he was one of the founders, not THE FOUNDER. He also changed Rocy linux to
    commercial project….

  5. What all this means is IBM is using the entire community for beta testing. Good for them bad for us if we want to run a stable distribution and if they lied once nothing says it wonРІР‚в„ўt happen again.

  6. So I'm new to the IT field and was wanting to get my rhcsa cert. Seeing that I was gonna use centos to prepare for my exam and IBM buying redhat would me getting that cert lock me in to only working for ibm? And should I just get my xk0-004 or lfcs instead?

  7. I appreciated your video, but I think you missed one of the core reasons people are mad.

    Many people use/used CentOS not just for maximum stability, but to do testing for other environments that DO use RHEL. Because of this move in the release location, we can no longer do exact version (bug-for-bug compatible) testing. We also loose the ability for cost effectively keeping around previous patch levels back for regression testing (think 100 prod systems times 20 patch levels as snapshots than can be powered up for testing as needed). Rather than having a great option for automated test cases RH has basically made us all beta testers for their paid product. THAT Is a problem and it was an incredibly sleazy move…

  8. I accidently found your video by making a typo in the search and I am so happy. I really wanted to understand centos and what is happening but my low understand of Linux limited that. Thank you for answering so many questions I had in a single video!! Subscribed.

  9. "CentOS 8 has been declared the last downstream release that will be supported until December 2021. Therefore, instead of its previously announced EOL in 2029" Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice …..Sorry but EOL is important and to just casually mention it in passing with no apology and then sell it as a feature means I have little respect for the centos governance board.

  10. You know companies aren't the only ones using RHEL or CentOSL. As a student I used centos. Keeping centosL & separate RHEL support was the right way to go :(.

  11. Support is great for SOME PEOPLE, but this breaks so many of my VM deployment scripts and software for what would be future CentOS releases.

    My Clients WILL not and DO NOT want CentOS Stream. They wanted the Downstream OS of RHEL, not the continuously rolling update, or something that receives bug fixes before what one would consider the Enterprise stable version does. Most of my clients run CentOS with Nginx, PHP, MariaDB. We understand this stack very very well, a FREE OS, that doesn't require a subscription, doesn't have licensing limitations, and something that we can spin up a hundred thousand instance and not have some mega-corporation tracking and micro managing our subscriptions. 16 is SIMPLY not enough, we want a ZERO Support, ZERO Subscription, ZERO pre-stable release Operating system that is 1:1 of RHEL for our customers who may want RHEL in the future if they do want Enterprise grade support.

    In absolutley NO way does CentOS Stream solve ANY of the problems for Simple web hosters. cPanel which hosts cPanel controls 20% of the ENTIRE market or about a MILLION LIVE SITES, this relies on CentOS 6 and 7 for the reasons I mentioned above. cPanel, which is big partner to Cloudlinux will likely support Almalinux.

    You are telling me that Red Hat was happy to Alienate A MILLION WEBSITE OWNERS?

    and to rebrand CentOS and then force those that still use to sign up for a subscription is TOTALLY A SUBSCRIPTION GRABBING PLOY. There is no evidence to the contrary


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