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CCPTV Dev Stream - Server Status Update

CCPTV Dev Stream – Server Status Update

Originally Aired 25 November 2020 at 17:00 UTC on and
World record-breaking fleet fights put a lot of pressure on the Tranquility server cluster so how are we keeping it in fighting condition? Live broadcast conversation about the server with CCP Explorer, CCP Paradox, and CCP Tuxford.

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8 thoughts on “CCPTV Dev Stream – Server Status Update

  1. If you live in UK (or close to it), with fiber connection and have 25ms ping the limiting factor is how fast you can spam lock and the 1s server ticks. Getting a <2s warp ceptor is not guaranteed and situations where it gives an advantage over "average" connection are really rare. Ofc for people in Canada, East Russia or Australia who leech wifi from neighbor and have 500-2000ms ping pvp isn't a fun experience. Neither is any other online game beside turn-based ones I imagine.

  2. Slowing down with only 1000 locals, How do you do a massive battle? All ccp ads are scams.
    CCP does not do anything else, such as events, and does not cause lag during a large-scale war.

  3. An impressive piece of infrastructure, at this point, however, your infra is used to run an extremely old architecture.
    What are your plans for overhauling the overall architecture? Bring the whole platform architecture into the 21st century? The fact that people are having tidi on placing market orders when too many people are in a system (see M2-, T5ZI, etc.) is just silly, why is a server node handling that instead of a market service microservice?
    Hearing you say how much logic is on the SQL server is extremely cringe-worthy. Only event-workers and physics engine is the one that should be interacting with the SQL DB.

    How high would you say is your technical debt right now?

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