C programming Coading. Print "odd number" #shorts #ytshorts #SstarCoading #hackers

C programming Coading. Print “odd number” #shorts #ytshorts #SstarCoading #hackers

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How to start coading and learn coading become a computer programmer for beginners to learn computer programming C in hindi, this video in computer
Programming language basic course I will learn all basic thighs that you needs to know for the learning computer programming language you can watch this video and learn coading by yourself,. This video will helps you to learn more about coading like c, c++, Java, Python etc. but this video will teach you c language

C programming language full course topics
Features of c
●My first c program
●Compile and run program
●C syntax rules
●Keywords and identifier
●Operator in c language
●Data types in c
●Variables in C
●C input/output
●Decision making
●Switch statement

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