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Build Your Own VPN. Browse Securely from Anywhere

Browse securely while on any network! Setting up your own VPN server is surprisingly easy when you have the right steps. We’ll give you peace of mind by showing two ways to configure a OpenVPN server at home. Got an OpenWRT router or pfsense box? You’re well on your way.

Configuring OpenVPN on pfSense


22 thoughts on “Build Your Own VPN. Browse Securely from Anywhere

  1. I recently found out about a free VPN network named Skywire ( But don't let it's free status fool you. It's similar to Thor but is a lot faster and has 10,000 nodes in the network for you to choose from. Just thought I should share this alternative solution here because everyone deserves a decentralized internet.

  2. Thanks for the video. What kind of speeds can you expect from a home made VPN ? (Let's say from one wired computer to another remote ethernet wired coputer ?)
    I've been using the Open VPN function from the Synology EDS14 and can barely pull 30Mbps out of it. (my upload is 200mbps FTTH). I was expecting more.
    Next I'll be trying next from a Rock64 running OMV.

  3. Do you guy's have a setup for the Raspberry Pi Linux? I have extra Pi's, so I'd like to have this setup
    for ALL of the computers and Tablets in the house going through the Pi. Only drawback, (i'm guessing)
    is how slow it might make all devices in the house?

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