Build a Game with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - NO frameworks or libraries!!

You don’t need a JavaScript framework to build something fun! In this video, let’s create a Pokemon memory match game with vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No frameworks or libraries!

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13 thoughts on “Build a Game with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – NO frameworks or libraries!!”
  1. hi james, I like your vs-code theme, did you customized it by yourself, if not, can you name it please, becuase is not Cobalt2 as what your website says, and thanks, (sending my support♥, keep doing your magic)

  2. Thanks for this. I learned a ton of new things like the rotating css stuff and also the map and spread stuff. btw, i did actually code along with the video..a ton of fun 😉

  3. Great content as always, James!

    For more ideas 💡, I would like to learn projects that include sound effects & music!

    ( 🎶 including sources for sounds and music for game development 🎼 )

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