BSG: Login Server Upgrade, Scavs Have M61 Now? – Escape From Tarkov News

BSG updated the server infrastructure today and there’s a rumor going around that scavs now have m61 on occasion.

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34 thoughts on “BSG: Login Server Upgrade, Scavs Have M61 Now? – Escape From Tarkov News

  1. Seems really counterproductive to release a major patch that dramatically shifts the availability of high quality armor and AP ammo, and then just throw said AP ammo into the loadouts of the brain dead standard scavs.

  2. I hope they DONT do a scav rep event the amount of times I get killed by scavs on scav runs is ridiculous I never shoot first so BSG DONT REWARD THESE SOB and yes I killed Santa 3 times by mistake and lost 3.00 rep I’m at 1.00 now and I’ll grind my way back up

  3. I can confirm scavs spawn with M61. Spawned at train station reserve with my duo, we rushed down under hermetic. The scav down there 2 shot me with a vepr hunter.

  4. Yes there is still high tier loot on lighthouse but way way less in my expierience not even close but iv been playing prob 80% lighthouse for weeks so it is easy for me to tell

  5. I think they should have M61 in the mags. Scavs have become super dangerous as they should be within the lore of Tarkov. Not all the time they spawn with it, but they are scavs, they can find those types of ammunition and use them.

  6. can confirm multiple times I have killed Non player scavs and pulled m61. Was a nice amount too. He had 5 10 round mags. so 50 round total. (Edit, Didn't notice one dude already saying this exact comment already lol.)

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