Brawl Stars Skin Contest Turns into Among Us

So many cool skins!!!!! But who will win the uhhhh prize of $10 i mean ahh dammit i forgot to give out a prize… seriously?


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49 thoughts on “Brawl Stars Skin Contest Turns into Among Us”
  1. A cool idea would also be if doubles or more of the skin, you are disqualified. This will make people have to think more what skin to choose because others might pick it to. Just an idea 🙂

  2. Day 14 of asking cg to accept my minigame video idea
    You need 8 mortis, 1 8-bit and 1 frank

    Make a 1×1 water hole and add skulls cuz of the rule

    Charge the 8-bit super with frank and place it in the hole and Now the mortis must charge the super eachother (can't hit 8-bit or frank)

    Once they get the super, they shoot it to the turret and when a MORTIS super kills the turret they get qualified to the next round

    You can make the MORTIS fighting area different every time or choose how many mortis gets qualified to the next game

    Remember to place a second turret right after the first gets killed to let a second mortis win

    Just make a video about this because c mon this is such great content, big fan from italy

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