In this web hosting tutorial for beginners, we explained what is web hosting, how does web hosting works, and the different web hosting services.

There are different types of web hosting services and you should understand how each works and how they can suit your needs.

We covered what is shared hosting, a basic web hosting service, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, etc.

In this video, we explained What is web hosting and how to choose the right plans and hosting providers for your online projects.

In simple terms, web hosting is the service of providing storage space for files that make up a website or application on a server on the internet. It can, therefore, be accessed by other computers that are connected to the internet.

When you sign up for a web hosting plan, you’re renting storage space on the internet where you can have your website files or application stored, to be accessed by anyone who is connected to the internet through a computer or a phone.

How does Web Hosting work?

So let’s say you just built a website, this could be an HTML or WordPress and you need the whole world to know you just build a website for your business.

First, you need an address where people can find the website, more like your physical brick and mortar business address. This is known as your domain name, which is unique to you. This is the address people will use to find your website on the internet.

Now you’ll need to buy a hosting plan through a web hosting company or provider who will provide you with storage, depending on the plan you choose. Your website files can now be uploaded to their storage server which resides on the internet.

Once you have this 2 connected, that is your domain name and hosting. Users can now access your website files when they type in your domain name into their browser. The user’s computer connects to the server where your website files are stored or hosted. The server in turn “serves” the website to your visitor’s web browser.

How to choose the right web hosting package.
There are different web hosting options. Choosing the right one will depend on your online project. Is the online project you plan to host a blog, e-commerce, an app, a simple website, etc.

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