Where is the best place to buy a domain name? If you’re searching for the best option to start building your online presence, this is the video for you.

GoDaddy: https://craylor.co/godaddy
Namecheap: https://craylor.co/namecheap
Google Domains: https://craylor.co/gdomains
Porkbun: https://craylor.co/porkbun
NameSilo: https://craylor.co/namesilo
Domain.com: https://craylor.co/domaindotcom
Hover: https://craylor.co/hover

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Gear I use: https://craylor.co/kit

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0:00 – Intro
0:24 – GoDaddy
3:26 – Namecheap
5:17 – Google Domains
6:59 – Porkbun
8:10 – Craylor Academy
8:40 – NameSilo
10:09 – Domain.com
11:29 – Hover
12:56 – Summary
13:36 – Conclusion

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29 thoughts on “Best Place to Buy a Domain Name? (2021) | 7 Domain Registrars Compared!”
  1. 6:59 "If you are a penny pincher this one is for you"

    me, who already bought a Porkbun domain based on your last video: ?

    Yeah I'm not sure why I'm here. I already have that same domain from PorkBun, and now I have a home for my hobby netlify blog where I host my art and shitposts :') I guess I just like window shopping lol

  2. recently bought from google domains, very simple, easy process. no nonsense, no extra charges. you only pay the price you see ($12-20 for most domain tld's). very easy connection to plenty of services including Gsuite, which includes email and other business things for like $5/person. i connected it to cloudflare with no issues.

  3. NAMECHEAP has the worst customer service! I learned my lesson. Do not pay for a domain NAME for CHEAP. Pay for value. Buy from Porkbun or GoDaddy. I now learn from this nightmare, NAMECHEAP is (its in the name) CHEAP.

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