Build a full app in this JavaScript tutorial, designed to help new programmers get into the tech industry. Exercises, code …

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49 thoughts on “BEST JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners for Getting a Job 2021 (High Quality, Project Based Course)”
  1. Найкращий викладач, якого я тільки знаю❤❤❤ дякую за відео😍😍😍😍😍😍 обожнюю Ваш стиль викладання❤

  2. This is really well explained but
    In excercise 16
    deletebutton.onclick = onDelete (todo);

    In this peice of code How does onclick property exaclty know which todo object to pass for deleting on clicking delete button?

  3. I have a question:-
    1) At 44:00 we have created the function addTodo() but we are not calling the function addTodo(), I wonder how is it still working.
    Please clarify this.
    Thank you for explaining things so properly but I am always confused 🙂

  4. Hi, this tutorial has been so helpful for me to learn JavaScript from scratch. I have been experienced a problem during the section "setting up the delete button" that I do not understand what is the issue. Basically with my code, when i try to console.log(event) I do not get a Mousevent but a pointerevent logged, why is that? Even copying your code i get that

    function render (){

    //rest our list

    document.getElementById('toDoList').innerHTML = '';

    todos.forEach(function (todoObject) {

    const element = document.createElement('div');

    element.innerText= todoObject.title + ' ' + todoObject.dueDate;

    const deleteButton = document.createElement('button');

    deleteButton.innerText = 'Delete'; = 'margin-left: 12px; ';

    deleteButton.onclick = deleteToDo; =;


    const list = document.getElementById('toDoList');




    function deleteToDo(event) {



    I hope someone can help me understands my error

  5. This is the best video and the best teacher I have come across on YouTube. You are the best. Thank you and hoping to get more videos.

  6. this course is super good for people like me. Can you please make the full javscript course it will be really helpful to learn thoroughly….if you can please…Thank you Dev.

  7. very nice video! maybe a small tip for next video's. Scroll a little up so the area of code you are workin in is in the middle of the screen. Otherwise it conflicts with subtitles. Thnx for the video

  8. I have a problem in section 15 , and i check on the solutions it's still same. The problem is when I write another todo and I reopen it, it changes to default, not the another todo. Can you help me, please

  9. I can understand how to code a todo list pretty easy, but fount it challenging to solve math problems with Javascript. Would this affect me to get a front-end developer job?

  10. Bruh! I like the way you teaching also we don't need to zoom in/out. You're the best. I learned a lot from you.
    Incoming 1st year college here!HAHAHA.

  11. BRO UR MY HERO!!!! U make so much fun videos with fun exercises. I have a suggestion for u. U can also make some quiz videos after every section and it would be even more fun!! Can u make Python and Java Courses please!!

    Edit: Since my annual holidays are coming up i have nothing to do. I know html and css cuz i watched ur course so i was wondering if i can help u update ur website so if u want i can help!!

  12. hi bro, i see everyone using terminal, i don't know how to use it or how to start it, if you made a tutorial on it, i hope you send it to me

  13. Running into a SyntaxError in Section 5. The Identifier 'element' has already been declared. To troubleshoot I changed the element variable to element1, element2, and element3 which resolved the SyntaxError. However, your code redeclaring element three times is working on your end. My searching to solve this problem is not solving the issue. Help!

    My code:
    let todo1 = 'Get groceries';

    let todo2 = 'Wash car';

    let todo3 = 'Make dinner';

    let element = document.createElement('div');

    element.innerText = todo1;


    let element = document.createElement('div'); <— This is the line where I get the SyntaxError

    element.innerText = todo2;


    let element = document.createElement('div');

    element.innerText = todo3;


  14. am I the only one who isn't fully understanding all the concepts? I'm able to follow along with the code (because i'm just copying what I am seeing), but I am having difficulty understanding what evreything Simon is saying.

    Will I get better as I practice more?

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