Automation Studio 101: Programming Basics & Tutorial

Have you been looking for a tutorial on B&R Automation Studio? Just the basics of programming and layout? How do you create a project, add code, run simulation? Look no further! Tune in to get your feet wet in Automation Studio!

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7 thoughts on “Automation Studio 101: Programming Basics & Tutorial

  1. We have B&R plc with some Krones equipment that we can not see the code…something about proprietary program how can I keep my line running?
    Please help me Jeremy
    Darren in Dallas TX

  2. thank you for your information
    i wish you can make a video about diagnosing the system and the i/o
    as i work in a place where we have like 4 b&R system and we are having a difficulties diagnosing the i/o or monitoring it since the B&R products dose not support uploading the logic from the plc

  3. I'm doing an engineering project on Allen Bradley PLC. The problem is right now I don't have the PLC. Can I create the program on B&R automation studio without connecting PLC and later download it for the PLC? If yes please tell me the configuration that I have to set if it matters. Do I have to select the Allen Bradley PLC in catalog section while creating a new project? Or if I go with standard PC, it will work?

  4. thank you alot for your effort, It's very informative,

    But I have two remark
    1- I try to do same thing in my PC but a I had a little probleme The simulation run but I couldn't transfere the program to the semulator

    2- I didn't find any training documentation for B&R automation studio

    Can you put for us some link to download some document like " B&R Tutorial Portal," because in the website It ask dor password

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