ASMR Programming - Google Sign up Page - No Talking

Hello everyone!
I made a clone of google sign up page with React.
Enjoy! 🎉🎉

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Keyboard: IQUnix OG80 Wormhole TTC ACE switches and Costar Stabilizers
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My twitter account:

00:00 Relaxing
00:27 Creating React project
01:09 Running the project
01:28 Cleaning the default React page
02:27 Google logo
03:07 “Create your Google Account”
04:32 Material ui installation
04:57 Material ui text field
06:03 Name inputs
06:34 Username input
08:23 Material ui button
10:45 Password inputs
13:02 Width adjustments
14:32 “Show Password” checkbox
16:56 “Sign in instead” button
17:35 “Next” button
18:39 “Account” image
20:36 Centering the page
22:50 Width adjustments
24:30 Comparison and fixes

This video is prepared for only entertainment and education purposes.
The video only shows how to ‘design’ a sign up page using html and css (with no javascript).

23 thoughts on “ASMR Programming – Google Sign up Page – No Talking”
  1. Bir Türk olarak cidden sizi tebrik ediyorum hocam diğer bu tarz içeriklere göre kaliteniz kat ve kat üst seviyede başarılarınızın devamını dilerim.

  2. Keep up the good work. I only know the html and css. 'cause i'm the beginner programmer. Now I can create a portfolio website…You posted this video, I will watch your video, copy the code, and practice this codes. Love you bro <3

  3. according to you which is the first programming language to learn, if you have some idea / if you are a completely new to programming. suggest 2 languages based on these 2 scenario

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