Arduino Programming Part 1 // Maker 101 | I Like To Make Stuff

Let’s talk programming for the Arduino, but first, let’s talk programming in general. Check out my Maker101 What’s an Arduino? video …

29 thoughts on “Arduino Programming Part 1 // Maker 101 | I Like To Make Stuff

  1. i have a circuit of a switch a battery a motion sensor and an LED. the components are all around 30cm apart so how can i program this?

  2. I’m like 10 and I already know how to program games now Im turning 11 and learning how to circuit board program thanks this video helped me get a jist of it

  3. ?You are simply the best lecturer who has the magical power to impart knowledge in the easiest way. Honestly if you teach programming a few more languages with some more organised way via YouTube that will be the greatest service that you could do for mankind and your incarnation in this life is really worth. Kindly please consider and make it worth empowering mankind. May the almighty God Bless you and your family with Joyful Long Long Life.?

  4. Wow, what a great introduction to programming! I've watched your automated dust collection using the Arduino videos and also looked at your code. However, since I haven't messed with code since 1983, I wasn't sure how to program the Arduino. Following your easily understood instructions, I'm sure I'll be successful when I automate my dust collection.

  5. Love these videos of yours! I am a PLC programmer and Industrial Robotics guy, but getting into arduino I just needed to learn the meat and potatoes of the syntax and the compiling/uploading process. Your videos being so short and to-the-point are fanfreakintastic! Thank you!

  6. i have a LCD keypad shield on top of my arduino, i want to write a program that generates two random numbers to play catan with 1-7, the problem that i'm having is i can't get the select button to generate the random numbers whenever i push the select button. plz help me

  7. suppose if i put the cable of arduino inside computer and copy paste arduino code will anything bad happen??and what programming do we need to use arduino

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