Looking for a new way to install Linux and now just using “ANOTHER” Linux Distribution. Well I made a script that just does EVERYTHING for you!

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21 thoughts on “ArchTitus

  1. fun fact many are not aware of: to update using yay, you can just type "yay" and hit enter, as that will run the same thing as "yay -Syu". :]

  2. I have had a lot of problems with vanilla Arch installation and with Manjaro, like after one week (last time it was 2-3 days) it gets slow and feels unstable, maybe more than that 😀

    I'm more Debian user, but Arch based systems sounds so interesting that I still wanna try, so I need to try this one 🙂

    PS. Are we gonna see Debian based Titus "distro" some day? DebTitus, that sounds good!

  3. When I get to the add user part it just tells me useradd: invalid user name. Not sure how to get past this.

    Nevermind figured it out. Needed the username to be all lowercase which I should have realized.

  4. 6:56 What other choices are we given if we choose 2 instead of 1? Will it give me more options for other desktop environments (GNOME) or does it prompt me to install it manually? Otherwise, this script is what I needed! I never succeeded installing vanilla Arch on my own and now this allows me to use the system without the headache.

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