Anti-Vaxx Fox News Hosts Hosting Event & REQUIRING PROOF OF VACCINE!


Jesse talks about an upcoming event hosted & attended by Fox News hosts which REQUIRED PROOF OF VACCINATION or a negative COVID-19 test to even be in the room with the hosts!

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  1. Unfortunately, fox'news' viewers have been conditioned over 20 years to be stupid and question nothing. That's also why they continue to vote against their own interests.

  2. They're vaxxed but preach about being antivax and tell others the evils of the vaccine ??☠ The viewers linger on their every word ?? people get dumber by the day! ?????

  3. It so obvious that TC has been vaccinated & SH. If they were not they wouldn't have a job. As far as a religious conviction they don't have one. They are no Dr or scientist Just reporter and evil people making statements of mis-information.

  4. Well then… it's gonna be a mighty sparse crowd, simply because nobody who is a ready vaxxr doesn't listen to sucker nor would they attend his shit show. And those whom do listen to his verbal diarrhea would say FU im not vaxxin or maskin or takin no test, I am a patriot.

  5. They are the poster boys for hypocrites are we! They have made this such a norm for them that I don’t think anybody expects anything different coming out of their sweet little holes! It’s sickening to the normal person and it’s makes the trumpers proud, of course unfortunately most of them don’t know the difference and think everything they say is the truth. ? so sad!

  6. You are a haters who is a want someone to want somebody to draft some bullshit and they armed you apart of The get along gang we call it get your ass off the TV cuz I ain't listening to you and fuck you and you and you are.

  7. The 1st amendment to the Г™.S. Constitution and the OSHA regulation gives the President the authority to impose vaccine mandates and masks…The common good and general welfare of society outweighs individual privacy concerns and religious freedoms…Don't believe the hype get your vaccine today..

  8. Confirmation biases are what keeps them atop the television ratings. Fox tells it’s audience exactly what they want to hear. They don’t care about company policy requirements. They probably think it’s a good thing that their favorite hosts are healthy enough to be on air every night. If there was no Fox; they’d find a network for their fix.

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