Another Datamine – Update 1.98 2ⁿᵈ Dev Server – War Thunder

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This is a general overview of the datamine on the 2ⁿᵈ 1.98 Dev Server.

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  1. X was for Experimental and was the actual prototype, the Y designation was the USAAF designation for operational series testing of a more modified version of the original prototype. Most Y series aircraft were built in a batch of thirteen, 12 being used for suitability in a operational situation and the thirteenth aircraft usually tested to destruction in air-frame stress tests.

  2. I hope what they do with the YP-38 is the same thing they did with the Bf-110 C7. They completely replaced the C4 with the C7 when it came out. I hope they replace the XP-38G (which never existed) with the YP-38. It will be interesting to see what armament they put on the YP-38. Hopefully 4 .50's and a 37 mm. But we won't know till they put it out.

  3. You know, the reason I love your channel is that you do something not many do. You don’t care about views and instead pump out many good videos like these just so we know every detail! ^<^

  4. I see them changing the XP-38G which never existed (and is the same as the tree P-38G) to the YP-38, and other then slight model changes it will be the same but renamed to an actual plane that existed.

  5. The XP-38G never existed, so people rightfully asked for an alternative, e.g. a YP-38. That might be the reason for the YP-38 showing up

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