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Android device security: useful apps and services

Of course, everyone knows that the 21st century is the heyday of cybercrime, but not everyone understands that illegal actions in the virtual space are much more difficult to prevent and track. With all the desire, you can not be sure that soon your personal information will not be received by third parties.

If you are potentially not attractive to an attacker (having millions of accounts in the bank, access to a large database of customers, etc.), then to protect your personal information, it is enough to have special software. It should be used absolutely on all devices that, one way or another, have access to the network. Smartphones are especially vulnerable, because very often you have to connect to unfamiliar WiFi hotspots.

If your device is an Apple brand, then you should not worry about the safety of your privacy, because the iOS operating system is already provided for. But, when the device has Android on board, then you should not neglect various antiviruses, VPN services and cleaners.

Unfortunately, by 2020 the Play Market has grown to an unprecedented size, which makes it much more difficult to find one or another tested application. The material below will help to solve this problem, because we have specially selected the 3 best applications of each type. If you want to learn how to pick and download a VPN, not to mention instructions and other essential materials for Android, welcome to the link above.

Although the main vulnerability is the user himself, anti-virus applications will help increase the overall security of your system by about 30%. Periodic security checks and restrictions on downloading suspicious software will make it much harder for malware to get into the memory of an Android device.

Top 3 best antivirus for Android:

1.Kaspersky Internet Security is the undisputed leader of this list


  • The best level of system protection compared to competitors.
  • High speed of work.
  • Website check functionality.
  • Blocking inappropriate content.


  • Very high cost of the program.
  • On weak devices, a high system load is possible.
  • You cannot use the trial version all the time, after the trial period expires, the antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security will stop working (after trying to turn it on, a window will simply appear asking you to pay for the tariff plan).

2. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus – antivirus for everyone


  • Fast working speed even on weak smartphones.
  • Reasonable cost of the annual rate.
  • Availability of USB control and built-in antispam.
  • The trial version can be used as long as you want, and it is even nothing.


  • The quality of threat recognition is poor.

3. AVG Protection is a very good antivirus for a common user


  • Large enough anti-virus databases.
  • The ability to catch rootkits (a set of programs for collecting information and remote control of the device).
  • High quality smartphone check.
  • The ability to check email traffic.


  • Curved translation of the program into Russian.
  • Noticeable system slowdown.
  • Very awkward application interface.

The second most important application that every self-respecting user should have. Using a trusted VPN service increases the overall security of the device by another 30%, because traffic encryption and protection from phishing sites seriously complicates the receipt of any information by cybercriminals. Below we will consider just a few of the various VPNs, but the average user is better off not finding it to start.

Top 3 VPN Apps for Android

1. ExpressVPN is a truly legendary VPN service that has no equal.


  • ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs in the world, which allows you to use it to watch movies on Netflix.
  • In terms of security quality, ExpressVPN also keeps up with its competitors.
  • Lack of logging.
  • Confident bypassing the Chinese Golden Shield firewall.
  • 160 data centers in 94 countries of the world.
  • The ability to pay with Bitcoin, which further increases your privacy.
  • In the event of an unexpected VPN connection interruption, the Network Lock function is activated, which turns off the main network in order to avoid leaks. I would like to note that force majeure happens very rarely, as ExpressVPN employs real professionals in their field.
  • There are no limits on the amount of protected traffic.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Support works around the clock (online chat, phone, mail, skype and other networks – through all this, you can contact the support and solve the problem).


  • The ExpressVPN price is very reasonable, but it can be significantly reduced by using the promo code on the website.

Buy ExpressVPN Up To 49% Off

2. VPN is a good service for the average user.


  • Military grade encryption.
  • Modern security protocols are used (OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec and PPTP).
  • One of the few VPNs that can bypass China’s great Golden Shield firewall.


  • There is no ability to exchange files using the P2P protocol.
  • You cannot work with torrents.
  • Almost complete lack of technical support (there is no online chat or hotline here).
  • The plan is very expensive and only slightly less than ExpressVPN.
  • A very inconvenient arrangement of functional elements of the application (obviously little time was devoted to design).

3. Avira Phantom VPN is a simple service with a friendly interface.


  • If the VPN connection fails, Avira Phantom VPN disconnects the Internet connection to avoid loss of privacy.
  • Throughout its long history, there have never been any data leaks, despite the fact that Avira Phantom VPN still stores some information about users.
  • Despite the abundance of tools, Avira Phantom VPN has a clear application structure. The designers have clearly tried, because every action is intuitively clear to any user.


  • Avira Phantom VPN keeps some logs.
  • Slow VPN connection speed.
  • A VPN service that is governed by Jurisdiction of 14 Eyes cannot be a priori secure. The data that passes through it is open to the authorities of those very 14 countries, which is not good. This is one of the biggest gaps in the security system (the competitors above do not have such a disadvantage).
  • The price is higher than ExpressVPN, despite more cons.

Cleaners are programs whose task is to keep your system in perfect order: they delete the application cache, clear the RAM, monitor the battery status, etc. They do not specifically affect security, but they can be used to analyze installed applications. Based on the data on the consumption of RAM and the level of access, you can independently determine the degree of danger of a particular program. Agree, an application for purely text notes will find it very strange to consume a couple of gigabytes of RAM and ask for access to the camera and microphone.

Top 3 tested cleaners for Android

1. CCleaner is a reliable, time-tested utility, as downloads in the Play Market have exceeded 500 million.


  • Improving overall performance.
  • Analysis of installed applications.
  • Removing unnecessary files and application cache.
  • Scheduled cleaning and priority in technical support (but only in the PRO version of CCleaner).


  • Quite a high cost of the PRO version.
  • Strong loading of the device.

2. Nox Cleaner is an interesting analogue of CCleaner.


  • Clearing cache and temporary files.
  • Relatively small application size.
  • Search for duplicates and low-quality photos for subsequent deletion.
  • Doesn’t boot the system.


  • The high cost of the tariff plan.

Android Assistant Pro is a powerful, multifunctional tool for optimizing and analyzing your Android device.


  • The minimum size of the application.
  • A very affordable price for the PRO plan.
  • Convenient battery health analysis.
  • Friendly application interface.


  • Very mediocre cache clearing.

As you can see from the text above, antivirus and VPN are mandatory attributes of any security system, but they also make up only 60% of it. The remaining 40% are user awareness and attentiveness, because according to the author of the book “The Art of Deception” Kevin Mitnick, 99% of cybercriminals (hackers), one way or another, use social engineering. Cleaners and assistants are the command centers for your system. You can do without them, because they do not specifically protect the device, but if comfort is important to you, then installation is also necessary.

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