Among Us LIVE!!! Playing With Viewers!!! PT 186!!!

Come join the DEFAULT NATION!!!

If 100k people all suscribe and follow each other, then we all have 100k followers and a platform!

My first 33 videos are horrid. The next 120, still horrid but they’re getting better. Hopefully each video is better than previous.

When I get a toxic teammate, I troll them. Kill them with fireflies, drive them into storm, whatever it takes to get the job done.

I actually do have skins I just like being a fake default.

Let me know what games and dumb/crazy challenges you’d like to see. I’ll try my best to pull them off.

All videos are clipped from replays.

I don’t use a PC for my videos. I only use a ps4 and my phone.

I apologize for the quality of my videos.

Sorry for the buffering. It ruins a lot of fights unfortunately.

Please subscribe, like, comment and share to help this channel grow!

Please be respectful in the comments. The only trollin I want to see is towards me for how bad I am 😂

Thanks for the support!

7 thoughts on “Among Us LIVE!!! Playing With Viewers!!! PT 186!!!”
  1. Also what redccc said about me, was very disturbing, it's the same thing he said about you, but he said weird things about me and Marilyn which is not true at all

  2. I'm gonna play Fortnite, if anyone wants to play Fortnite with me it will be greatly appreciated, my username in Fortnite is Rell4Lyfe, remember that

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