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As promised, AMONG US IS BACK! This time with the Novisor imposter mod which allows the Imposter to transform into the creepy Novisor. Novisor has special abilities that make it extra hard to defeat. Tons of new mods on the way!

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ZMDE Animations is a channel where you’ll find Among Us, Minecraft, GTA, Fortnite, Animated Stories & more!

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41 thoughts on “Among Us But NOVISOR Imposter Role (mods)”
  1. ⠀⠀⠀⡯⡯⡾⠝⠘⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢊⠘⡮⣣⠪⠢⡑⡌

    в Ђв Ђв Ђв џв ќв €в Ђв Ђв Ђв Ўв Ђв  вў€в  вўђвў вў‚вў”вЈђвў„вЎ‚вў”в ЂвЎЃвў‰в ёвўЁвў‘в •вЎЊ

    в Ђв ЂвЎЂв Ѓв Ђв Ђв ЂвЎЂвў‚в Ўв €вЎ”вЈ•вў®вЈівўЇвЈївЈ»вЈџвЈЇвЈЇвў·вЈ«вЈ†вЎ‚в Ђв Ђвўђв ‘вЎЊ

    вўЂв  в ђв €в ЂвўЂвў‚в ўвЎ‚в •вЎЃвЈќвў®вЈівўЅвЎЅвЈѕвЈ»вЈївЈЇвЎЇвЈџвЈћвўѕвўњвў†в ЂвЎЂв Ђв Є

    вЈ¬в ‚в Ђв ЂвўЂвў‚вўЄв Ёвў‚в ҐвЈєвЎЄвЈ—вў—вЈЅвўЅвЎЇвЈївЈЅвЈ·вўївЎЅвЎѕвЎЅвЈќвўЋв Ђв Ђв ЂвўЎ


    вЈїв Ђв Ђв Ђв ўвў‘в  в ‘в •вЎќвЎЋвЎ—вЎќвЎЋвЈћвўЅвЎ№вЈ•вўЇвў»в №вЎ№вўљв ќвЎ·вЎЅвЎЁв Ђв Ђвў”



    вЈївўѕв ЂвўЊв Њв ЂвЎЃв ўв ‚в ђвЎЂв ЂвўЂвўівўЅвЈЅвЎєвЈЁвў„вЈ‘вў‰вўѓвў­вЎІвЈ•вЎ­вЈ№в  вўђвў—

    вЈївЎ—в Ђв ўв ЎвЎ±вЎёвЈ”вўµвў±вўёв €в ЂвЎЄвЈівЈівў№вўњвЎµвЈ±вў±вЎ±вЈівЎ№вЈµвЈ»вў”вў…вў¬вЎ·

    вЈ·вЎ‡вЎ‚в ЎвЎ‘вў•вў•в •вЎ‘в Ўвў‚вўЉвўђвў•вЎќвЎ®вЎ§вЎівЈќвўґвЎђвЈЃв ѓвЎ«вЎ’вЈ•вўЏвЎ®вЈ·вЎџ

    вЈ·вЈ»вЈ…в ‘вўЊв ўв Ѓвўђв  в ‘вЎђв ђв ЊвЎЄв ®вЎ«в ЄвЎЄвЎЄвЈєвўёв °в Ўв  в ђвў±в ЁвЎЄвЎЄвЎ°

    вЈЇвў·вЈџвЈ‡вЎ‚вЎ‚вЎЊвЎЂв Ђв ЃвЎ‚в …в ‚в ЂвЎ‘вЎ„вў‡в ‡вўќвЎЁвЎ вЎЃвўђв  вўЂвўЄвЎђвЎњвЎЄвЎЉ

    вЈївўЅвЎѕвў№вЎ„в •вЎ…вў‡в ‚в ‘вЈґвЎ¬вЈ¬вЈ¬вЈ†вў®вЈ¦вЈ·вЈµвЈ·вЎ—вўѓвў®в ±вЎёвў°вў±вўёвўЁвўЊ

    вЈЇвўЇвЈџв ёвЈівЎ…в њв ”вЎЊвЎђв €в »в џвЈївўївЈївЈїв ївЎ»вЈѓв ўвЈ±вЎівЎ±вЎ©вўўв ЈвЎѓв ўв Ѓ




    вўЂвў‚вў‘в ЂвЎ‚вЎѓв …в Љвў„вў‘в  в ‘вў•вў•вўќвў®вўєвў•вўџвў®вўЉвўўвў±вў„в ѓвЈ‡вЈћвўћвЈћвўѕ

    вўЂв ўвЎ‘вЎЂвў‚вўЉв  в ЃвЎ‚вЎђв Ђв …вЎ€в Єв Єв Єв Јв «в ‘вЎЃвў”в •вЈњвЈњвў¦вЎ°вЎЋвЎЇвЎѕвЎЅ

  2. You now thier are hackers in
    Among us I will tell you ?
    Sire sirol and Eric lork and
    Eris Lori's and noviosr are one
    Of the biggest hackers in among us trust me

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