Among Us Animation 2 Part 3 – Hideout


A little bit late to post. This was supposed/planned to post on Christmas. But time has stretched out.

I hope you enjoy this new animation and happy new year!

Part 1:
Part 2:

Among us Animation Season 1:


Artist: Nico Staf
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Artist: Slynk
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Artist: Silent Partner
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Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden) by – Kubbi
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  1. Looking back a few months later, I think I've actually lost my faith in crewmanity. Wanted to say this for a while, but now I actually think that they're behind something awful.

    Note: Behind that door when the impostors 'eject' crewmates… I hope it's not what I think it is. I mean trapped down there for who knows how long, some of those impostors have to be starving… And it doesn't help how feral they look…

    Sorry for the spoopy theory lol

  2. Poor crewmates, they were surviving just fine, but the leader just HAS to point out the… only? other crewmate in the group that could take a chance to defend itself in a logic argument, if only they knew beforehand!… but it seems that the green sweater disguise is too perfect.

  3. The lore so far as I see it. Skeld is on a long journey to a colony world. Due to the length of the trip the Skeld has no communication with earth and because of that, they have no idea that the imposters have taken over earth. On the way to polus two imposters are killed by yellows kid who became a imposter after being infected in the vents of the Skeld.

  4. очень интиресно вышло кстати я хотел бы узнать будет ли объяснение почему так много предателей? Или это был вирус какойта?

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