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By admin

38 thoughts on “Alert banker discovers employment scam”
  1. Had a similar experience however they didn’t have my social or ID. Unlike Eric the bank didn’t return the check ..the teller gave big mama energy and tore it up

  2. Another type of scammers to look out for on indeed are the job ads that after you apply you get text messages asking you to download an app in order to find work. Even after withdrawing application you get texts asking if you're still interested.

  3. Same thing happened to me through indeed they do not screen these scammers. I knew it was not legit and when I started asking questions they always coming up with excuses. I will never use indeed again. I will go to the actual employers website.

  4. yep! this exactly happened to me toa TEE! idk what these stupid and relentless scammer have to benefit from this. there are people in NEED of a jobs they just wanna waste your time. so annoying and frustrating! 😡

  5. This has happened to me 2X over the yrs. 1st time – I was "hired" as a secret shopper & was sent a check to assist me with completing any jobs assigned to me. I was asked to deposit the check in my bank account & then send money back to the business. It seemed suspicious, so I asked a banker at my bank to confirm legitimacy of check. Banker verified check serial numbers were fraudulent. Bank kept the check & contacted law enforcement. 2nd time – I applied for an administrative job via Craigslist. Someone emailed me confirming I was "hired" although I never interviewed with anyone. A check was mailed to me & I brought this check to my bank & let them give the check to appropriate agencies.

  6. Somebody tried to buy my car for double asking price in 2015. They said the extra money was to transport the vehicle to the state they were in. What saved me were two ladies in the lobby talking about how one was being prosecuted for a fraudulent check. Since I had a great relationship with the bank they were actually going to cash it. After hearing what the ladies were talking about, I asked the teller to check the account first. Sure enough, it was fraudulent check.

  7. Thank god we do not have checks for many years already, here in the Netherlands. What an old fashioned, time consuming way of money transfer was that. All banks refuse them because they are not a legal payment device anymore.

  8. Interesting side note …
    Scammers use FedEx for two reasons. First, because it's fast with next day delivery.
    BUT … second, because it avoids FEDERAL involvement with postal inspectors and mail fraud.

  9. My friend during pandemic was excited to get work from home job.they just told him he would have to buy some materials for computer but they would send him a check prior. I said no one you have never met in person is ever going to just send you money. My friend is quite naive. They sent very authentic looking check and of course it turned out to be scam.

  10. So the worse case he deposits a fraud check, takes the bank a few days to figure it out, and then bank returns the check? Bank is not going to front you any money until it clears, in this case it would never clear so I am not sure where the scam is unless the fake job company was asking for money back. This is one of the reasons why checks will be phased out of use in the next 10 years- its a fraud ridden outdated method to pay for something. Everything will be instant deposit electronic transfers eventually.

  11. I posted my resume on Indeed and applied to a few jobs, and immediately received job offers from companies I didn't apply to. I'm a house painter. I knew they were scammers when they were offering me $90,000 a year IT and sales positions. They were sending messages and their headline just said, "Employer" Kinda sad they're targeting people that already have life bad. What next, rob homeless people??

  12. This same scam was used and I got a check that was supposed to be used to purchase furniture & software for the home office. I still have the paperwork. When I got the FedEx package the check was from some company in Georgia. Not even the same name as the company that was interviewing. It puzzled me. Got a bad feeling. Ended up talking to the bank because I had a bad feeling. They said it wasn't a real check and they were aware of this scam. This is in Phoenix AZ. I applied for a job off CareerBuilder which ended up being this scam. I encounted many fraudulent postings for jobs and went on a binge looking for them. I encountered frauds with very good websites, people who said they didn't post a job opening, and I reported them all. I was also using Indeed and sent them the information as well so they would know about it. To me it sounded like a Nigerian scam. BEWARE!!!!!

  13. Gee thank you reporters for not educating anyone on what the scam is.

    Please find proper reporting of the scam here.

    1. Scammers can forge checks better than they can actual money.
    2. They "hire" you and send you forged check to buy supplies.
    3. You cash the check and get money in your bank account.
    4. They contact you and say they over budgeted and request you send some of the money back.
    5. Youre happy to do this and cash app them some of the money. Keeping the rest to buy supplies.
    6. Bank realizes check was fake and demand their money back from you.
    7. You can no longer find the employer.

  14. This is not a new scam, this happened to me back in 2013. Same deal, but I already knew it was a scam when they offered to pay me for work I haven't even done yet. They wanted me to cash the check, keep X amount and send them back the rest.

  15. I actually know a girl personally that got scammed by this. I gave her a lecture not to do it, but she did it anyway and is still paying the bank back $3500. That was a few years ago.

  16. Oh lord I almost got scam myself by some fake company that send me a fake check thank god when I went to my bank and I make sure if the check was good but then the bank teller told me that the check wasn't good it was fake, so people if you receive a unknow check make sure you check your bank tell them first to check that check if it good or not before you deposit it to your account.

  17. That happened to me twice, The first timers I ripped the check up. An The second time I called the company that the check name was in and they told me it was fraudulent and once you tell the scammers that the check is fraudulent They don’t call you back

  18. This is extremely common on Indeed & LinkedIn. For example, they post a job that is available, then, someone submits their resume and are then swiftly contacted and asked for a background check, when you click on the link, it askes for all of your information such as social security number, date of birth, mother's maiden name etc. There are SO MANY SCAMMERS. Like this video suggests, if it's too good to be true than it isn't real AND, make sure you look at the email address in which they are sending this from, then google the company, you'll then notice how that company's internal email(s) look like and be weary of anyone asking you to download skype or whatsapp.

  19. I had a company that claimed they were based in Baltimore at a downtown office building. Wanted to pay me as a consultant doing purchasing, working from home. Came through LinkedIn. The name they used was Rovelli. Claimed to be an Italian company setting up shop in the U.S. doing importing. There is an Italian company named Rovelli, just like they said. This went on for weeks. I emailed the building manager in Baltimore and found out there was no Rovelli. I strung them along for a while until they wanted me to buy office furniture for them. I contacted the FBI and MD state police. Neither ever contacted me. I guess the scammers will try somebody else.

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