AI is GOOD now! And so are the servers! | Escape From Tarkov

It was a normal day in Factory when Tarkov servers took a poop. Find out if Eroktic made it.


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33 thoughts on “AI is GOOD now! And so are the servers! | Escape From Tarkov

  1. Price's are more fucked right now than they've ever been. Tier 3-4 armor's lowest price is 150k on flee? People forcing gunsmith items at 100k? Like it's usually bad but this is BEYOND the norm. Tarkov community is shite. It used to be the BEST around back in 2017/2018.

  2. Same shit happened to me but i didn't get all the stuff I looted. I got only things that i took with me to raid. I was on woods whole 40 minutes, killed bosses, began to extraction with like 2mln roubles value items on me and then game fucked me and kicked me. Got nothing:)

  3. and yeh btw its either this unstable server bullshit or hackers…after paying $150 aud and realising after being in development since 2012..that this pile of steaming shit is going nowhere. give up boys.

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