A Gentle Introduction To Linux (for Linus Tech Tips viewers)


So a few weeks ago, Linus and Luke from Linus Media Group decided to do a Linux challenge where both would switch to Linux on their home computers, with a punishment for the one who switches back to Windows first. Now, this is huge news for the Linux community because Linus Tech Tips is the biggest tech-related YouTube channel. So here is a video covering some of the basics for those LTT viewers wanting to try Linux.

0:00 Intro
1:11 What is Linux?
3:08 Why Linux instead of Windows?
8:38 Which Linux distro should I choose?
15:03 How to try out Linux?
17:11 An installation of Lubuntu in VirtualBox
22:08 How do you install software on Linux?
25:00 Do you have to use the command line?
25:48 Where can I go to learn more about Linux?

в–є https://linuxmint.com/
в–є https://manjaro.org/
в–є https://lubuntu.me/

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  1. I think the main thing many Linus viewers want to know about Linux is how well it would work for them to play various games (probably in Steam Proton), and which distros are best for that.

  2. Stop over stating !!
    You are the shame for linux community you don't have to lie and over state everything !!!
    No clean windows is not 60GB & the licencing part is funny !!!

    Educate your self !

  3. What I really found strange of not downright misleading is their insistence of claiming that they wanted to share the experience of a 'normal' user who is trying to install and configure Linux question.
    I am sorry to say this but that kind of hardware is not something that is used by a normal user. May be a 0.001% user uses that kind of hardware.
    So, personally I feel the series is misleading and will scare normal users away from Linux!
    Even you are not a normal user :-).
    What perecentage of PC users are into content creation? I don't think it is even 1%.
    Yes, if you have bought the latest and greatest PC/ Laptop from the shelf (which 99.9% 'normal' users do) and tried to install Linux, would have understood!

  4. Hey DT, Many people I have met hate on Manjaro saying it's broken, what is your take on this? I have used Manjaro and I love it, now I don't use it since I switched to my own Arch respin but I don't understand people who hate on Manjaro, and the proof they give are bugs and broken stuff. I want to hear your response to them.

  5. Make a video of installation of bavundi resolve on Linux . I was not switching yet because of no proper idea of whether it works or not in Linux like in Windows. Thank you for the video . Very nice explanation

  6. Don't forget to mention community, the Linux community is one of the main reasons I went from a Linux experimenter to a full time Linux user. Awesome people more than happy to help.

  7. Thank you for the video Derek. Also Mint does update software like Libre Office as updates come out. Cinnamon tools usually do not update until the next release, about 6 months per update for those.

  8. The more I look into Linux, the closer I am to wanting to make the switch to Manjaro +KDEplasma. I'm making sure to really watch and learn all the linux distro stuff I can as a newbie before jumping in. However, the thing that I seem to be hesitating with is what kind of systems does Linux have in place for Audiophiles. There is ASIO or WASAPI for Windows, but what does Linux have in terms of plugging in DACS and AMPS? I could be speaking Ill informed but I am just really curious about audio players that can play lossless Hi-Res, and also how do DACS interact with Linux? If anyone can give me an answer I would be very appreciative if not I understand either way thank you for reading and your time!

  9. First thing people should do for a noob is install Chrome. No, I don't want it on my machine either. Most people now use a browser and that's about it. They know Chrome (most likely) let them use it on linux.

    Your rant about Linux being faster than Windows is silly. You know better. Or you don't use windows.

    Windows 10 iso is 3.5gb. Granted a full install is 25-40gb.

    I hope more people start to use Linux, but I struggle to think of reason for a noob to use it.

  10. Why gentle? Use blunt force trauma to knock it in everybody's skulls!

    I use Linux instead of Windows because W10 has disappointed me with its' gross lack of performance!

  11. The funny thing is that I have a canon printer that doesnt have drivers for windows and it works with linux without even thinking about drivers. Linux is better in everything!

  12. The only thing Linux gets beat in, is accessibility. From zooming, to narrating and beyond, commercial solutions are currently by far better.
    However, I am so stoked as very randomly, very sparsely, sometimes you'D find accessibility related notes in changelogs in Gnome or other software. However, its kinda funny because nobody ever seems to know who is contributing this. xD

  13. 1:13 "I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX."

  14. Why do people say Linux is better than Windows? I would say Linux is better for specific type of people, but not for everyone. More choice and customization is the weakest argument. If that’s the case, for most people Android is a better phone than iPhone, but it’s not. General non-techsavvy people don’t need customization, just a refined and pre-designed experience. Free and open source doesn’t matter to most, and privacy have shown to be not a problem for most people since they don’t care. I actually don’t care about my internet privacy at all either, so what if they collect information about me.

    All of the reason he mentioned here is only from very narrow, single minded perspective. I don’t find any of the reason he mentioned as an attractive reason to move to Linux, and for most people none of his argument is important. Btw, I use Linux for programming, and that’s actually a great reason to use Linux, but so far that’s the only reason to use Linux.

  15. A caution about Linux security. Large contributors to the lack of viruses are the higher average knowledge of the GNU/Linux user base so they don't fall for phishing, and partly because it is a smaller target. More built in security feature are the package management systems (so most of the time you are not downloading random programs to do admin tasks. And if you do it is likely only a program with user level clearance not admin clearance.) and for very advanced users there is the SE enabled kernel. (But SE is almost exclusively a feature used by professional server-farm admins and engineers. NSA level security if fully leveraged.)

  16. Great video, thank you!
    DT, How to change to dark theme on virtualbox? :O
    I'm sorry that I'm bugging you with such a trivial question but it really annoys me. I'm using Arch XFCE with dark theme. Everything is fine except virtualbox that is white and I even can't see letters.

    Sorry for my English…

  17. Whenever somebody tries to explain why Linux is better than Windows/MacOS they always sound like a conspiracy theorist nutjob trying to sell you on a cult, but… The fun thing is that they are also absolutely 100% correct in what they are saying. That's why i love listening to videos like that even though i already know everything they are going to say.

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