7 Days To Die | Server Management | 7D2D RAT Tutorial

Tutorial on setup, installation and basic configuration of 7D2D RAT, used for dedicated server management used for the game 7 Days to Die.

Link to 7DTD RAT: (updated 26th Nov 2018)

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By Vedui42

33 thoughts on “7 Days To Die | Server Management | 7D2D RAT Tutorial”
  1. Hi, this is only to manage your server but is there any way to keep a server online without having a person to activate each time? Id appreciate it if you can reply and thanks in advance.

  2. Do you know why my server is only visible to people if I log in first? and then it remains visible to others as long as someone is playing? I can't find a solution to that. Thanks in advance.

  3. New subscriber here from your tutorial on setting up the dedicated server. Thank you very much! I needed this info to play with my friends and not all of us have to be on at the same time.

  4. I succesfully created a dedicated server, thank you for a great tutorial!
    However, I dont understand how I transfer my local files into dedicated server. The whole idea was to make it assessible for my friends to play without me being logged in.

    Can someone help me please?

  5. HI, i hope this is not a stupid question, If I set up my own server will we all essentially be starting a new game, or can we transfer our current game over , and secondly how do I add players to the new server, can I just send out an invite in game, or do I need to give them specific info to connect? Thanks

  6. So one hour this tool works totally fine, I go for lunch and I come back 3 hours later and now nothing happens when I start the server. No dedicated window comes up, no process in task manager, nothing to connect to, and absolutely no changes were made in time frame from now and when it worked. Any idea whats going on?

  7. I started a multiplayer game with the 7d2d client "non server" me and a couple of friends have been playing for a while and I am now trying to run a dedicated server on a different machine. how do I copy our game including our character profiles with stats experience etc. over to the dedicated server. I have tried following what some people have said in other forums but have had no luck in getting the server to work with our mp game. It works if it creates a new game but If I copy files and edit the server config to use the same game name we can connect but it just gets stuck at starting game. Can you make a tutorial on how to move a multiplayer and or single player game over to a dedicated server on another machine? thank you for your help.

  8. my server is perfectly working but i have this issue in the console tab i cant chat and i cant see my player's chats it says that "***ERROR: unknown command 'BS-GS' and it just keep coming, idk how to fix this or idk what did i do, do you know how can i fix this or do you know what is this?

  9. I try to install True survival mod on my server, i did everything you just told me, but the Telnet is still yellow, if i try with vanilla, no problem, the same with walkers mod, but true survival it wont start up, any ideas?

  10. Nice work; Your intro on this video where your sitting in game watching TV. Is that done with video editing and placing overlay or layers over your original game clip or is there a way to add video clips and images to the TV's in game.

  11. Vedui, I also use this as my server manager. For A15, I had no issues creating a MP server and having friends join. Now with A16.1 out, I can create the server but the Telnet will not connect up green. The local one has no issues. I renamed the server and changed the pw to differentiate it from the old A15 server but still no joy so far.

  12. hey so u never told us how to spawn the zombies? and
    i have a problem when i add the DM and CM and i turn it on and then press F6 i cant see any zombie names that i can spawn can u help me here ?

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