172: Josh Kroenke On Hosting The Super Bowl & First PGA PRO-AM

On this edition of RT, the crew has the pleasure of bringing on Josh Kroenke who has his hand in just about every sport imaginable. Owner of the Denver Nuggets & Colorado Avalanche, majority shareholder of English Football Club, Arsenal, and, not to mention his father is the owner of the Los Angeles Rams. Josh talks all about the excitement around his family hosting the biggest party in the WORLD this weekend…The Super Bowl. Early on, Josh, an avid golfer, gets into his excitement with his first ever appearance on the PGA tour in the Pebble Beach PRO-AM, as well as giving Richard the business about taking the crown in their Fantasy Football league this year. Pivoting to basketball, we chop it up with Josh on why Nikola Jokic is supremely special and what he adds to Kroenke’s ball club, The Nuggets. They also get into the nitty gritty about his team across the pond, Arsenal. All this, and a WHOLE lot more. CHEERS!

⏰ Chapters ⏰
00:00 Josh Kroenke Needs A Break
00:28 INTRO
01:54 PGA Tour Debut
07:27 A Man Of Many Hats
08:08 Fantasy Football Champ
12:43 The Rams Whirlwind
16:00 Moving The Rams To Los Angeles
18:28 Josh’s Surreal Moment At SOFI
24:27 Nikola Jokic Love
43:14 The Avalanche And Going To An NHL Game
47:31 Josh’s Journey With Arsenal
01:00:18 The Super League Decision
01:10:40 The Rams Jacket
01:11:48 Favorite Of Josh’s Teams?
01:15:07 Managing The Bear
01:16:55 Pebble Beach Story
01:22:32 OUTRO

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23 thoughts on “172: Josh Kroenke On Hosting The Super Bowl & First PGA PRO-AM

  1. Hearing this conversation is surreal and humbling to know that there are no guarantee of the rich life and that no matter how rich you feel you are… Life happens to everyone.👀 Take one day at a time, steward well what your have and live for today. Wowzers.🙃👀 There are tiers to wealth and life is not partial.👀

  2. Well best you do rather than say and leave an open tab for all the supporters near the emirates go around the local pubs speak to them put your money where your mouth is like you do for the la rams prominent at arsenal you are not.

  3. Chelsea have won 2 champions league 2 Europa leagues premier league titles a club world cup in last 15 years whilst arsenal a few fa cups here and there can we see the levels.
    Its almost 9.0 by if y compare major titles ratio

    If kronkes ain't serious there are other investors that can take club to next level

  4. Lol "Thomas Jefferson" from the legend that is Ali G. Btw Arsenal are bigger than any club u have including the Rams! And love the way Gooners have hijacked the comments loool

  5. In fairness to Kroenke & the KSE group, even a cursory reviews of their teams recent seasons highlights they are not a hands off ownership: their clubs / franchises seem to be amongst the most consistent, stable & best run ones in their respective leagues: they seem to back youth and stay loyal to coaches.
    I think the issue most Arsenal fans have is that US Sports fans at best hope for a dynasty once a generation given Salary Caps, Drafts and Playoffs largely prevent any single team dominating for more than a few seasons… and therefore understand rebuilds to get back to the top.
    The opposite is true in Europe where fans in the big leagues expect to outspend their rivals and pretty much dominate for a decade.

  6. loool all these pro-Kroenke comment must be written by bots made by Arsenal. he calls the CLUB a company and franchise.. shows where his priorities are at

  7. So many Arsenal fans wanking this guy off like Jose cares, I swear our fans are full of mugs that'll believe anything:
    * Have they forgotten what he & his dad tried to do to football last year!?
    * Did they hear him call us a company not a football club!?
    * Did they forget the Kroenke's until this season charged more for tickets then anyone else for us to finish 8th (twice)!?

    So long as he's breathing people like him will lie to you to get into your wallet, wake the fuck up.

  8. Good interview, as Arsenal fans we do want to hear from the owners more. Also nice to see that there is a similar process being implemented at KSE teams. Given the Rams just won the Superbowl, I hope that Arsenal following the same path can start competing for the big trophies

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