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Video Backstory:
I’m back after a month hiatus; Doing what I do best, fighting the biggest groups on the server I play, this time, with a twist. The new gunplay makes everything much more challenging, so it’s only fitting if i took the fight to the groups with numbers.

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Sponsor
1:40 – Story
#tacularr #playrust

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My Rust Stats Bot for Discord: https://bit.ly/3gI42tp
Thumbnail by Arai Sama

Music by Epidemic Sound
Business e-mail: [email protected]

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29 thoughts on “17,000 HOURS VS LARGEST ZERGS ON THE SERVER… – RUST”
  1. sad they took out the one thing that gave people a reason to improve/play long term. you think theres a chance they change recoil back, or even make it more skill based?

  2. BRO UR A LIGIT 100/10 ytber u made my night i was soo bored (at my grandmas and was mega bored) and when i saw u post a new vid and not just any normal vid but a amazing vid that made me so happy have a great day! Thank you

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