1-Wide Tileable Multi-Item Sorter | Minecraft Java Edition | VPS and VPN
1-Wide Tileable Multi-Item Sorter | Minecraft Java Edition

1-Wide Tileable Multi-Item Sorter | Minecraft Java Edition

Using the V4.2 variation of the Multi-Item Sorter (MIS), we were able to configure a 1-wide tilelable chest hall! I’ve included some other components as well for a more complete, intermediate storage system.

Thanks as always to the collaborators: @metamilo and DatNerd for their input and Inspector Talon for the original 1wt concept. Thank you to C5 for the shulker sorter and Gangles XIII for the collab on the shulker display. Also shout out to enbyd from milo’s Discord server for sharing a similar 1-wt setup!

Also, this is my first shot at monetizing a video. Curious to see how it works out.

World Download:

Storage Tech Discord:

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36 thoughts on “1-Wide Tileable Multi-Item Sorter | Minecraft Java Edition

  1. I love this sorter. I am always watching for the updates and the newest information. However the server I really wanted to make this on is spigot. On the spigot server I couldn't get the item spacer to work.

  2. That's some timing! I just finished building your version 4.1 and was troubleshooting it, now I think I'll have to rebuild. One question, is it possible to configure the bulk item storage to accept mutliple item shulkers into one slice? For example, could I have shulkers of multiple wood logs under my wood chests?

  3. Where should I start modifying this to remove the bulk sorter? I'd like a compact sorting system, and your designs keep getting even more perfect, but I'm not working with enough items to warrant the shulker box systems.

  4. Amazing work!
    The problem I see with making it 1-wide tileable is that you don't have access to the hoppers behind the chests, and that could potentially make some ítems unreachable, right?

  5. Every video I'm increasingly impressed with the improvements, a few versions from now and you'll be producing all the items in the same tile too at this rate

  6. Well done! It's great to see a complete system like this. A question though: would this work if empty shulker boxes stack? I'm currently using Tweakeroo to add that feature.

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