1.16 Shaky-Sand! (Zero-Ticking in Minecraft Java 1.16)

1.16 Shaky-Sand! (Zero-Ticking in Minecraft Java 1.16)

Zero-Ticking in 1.16 is back! Specifically Shaky-Sand or Quantum Ticking (which is 3x the speed of conventional zero-ticking). All of the farms that they ‘patched’ for 1.16, now once again work as desgined. All of the clocks are perfect, the rates are close to identical, and the builds work exactly as the old videos show. This is thanks to Zefyro and the amazing work he did on the Shaky-Sand Data Pack. This video shows you that it does work, and briefly explains how to set it up. That said, be sure to head over to his channel for a more in-depth demonstration of how it works… and while you are there, feel free to drop a few comments telling him he needs to work faster on bringing the conventional zero-ticking back 😉

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44 thoughts on “1.16 Shaky-Sand! (Zero-Ticking in Minecraft Java 1.16)

  1. I'm very disappointed. I like your channel bu this is just clickbait. The fact that people already told you and you changed nothing is pretty bad.

  2. Hey eagle, I realize this has nothing to do with this video and instead relates too your 1.16 iron farm. I was wondering if the composted for the zombie could be replaced with a simple trapdoor mechanism because I find that zombie almost never fit in the composted.

  3. Sweet shaky sand! Its shaking that tail like an expensive exotic dancer! Nice data pack work and sweet shout out to Zefyro! Btw, I think its pronounced Zeffy Row. <3
    "I might have butchered his name."
    Not as badly as I butchered Allstate!

  4. I will admit, I downloaded a datapck that allows for buildable mod spawners, but I changed the recipe to needing 4 iron bars, 1 diamond and 4 nether stars to build. So while it can be helpful to use in mob based XP farms, I don't consider it OP since you'll need 12 wither skeleton skulls, and in vanilla MC they're extremely tough to come by. Saying that though, I haven't yet had the time to play the game with the Nether Update, so maybe coming across more wither skeletons will be easier now.

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