【Minecraft】 EN Server Date with Lamy~!

Streaming with @Lamy Ch. 雪花ラミィ !!

★Thumbnail Art is by マーガリン! (https://twitter.com/kokuren_if)

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Endcard Art by Me!
Endcard Animated by Veranze! (https://twitter.com/Veranze_)

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50 thoughts on “【Minecraft】 EN Server Date with Lamy~!

  1. Otsu!! (*´∀`)

    Thanks for the fun minecraft date stream with Lamy, Ina! I don't mind being the third wheel

    Really glad to see my JP and EN oshis getting along well~ hoping for more collabs with Lamy in the future!

  2. It was great to see Ina hanging out with Lamy again. The two were having so much fun and all the couldn't help but get a bit Jelly of Lamy hehe. It was great to listen to your interactions, Lamy's reaction to the new house was priceless. Also the level of japanese used was easy to fallow somehow. Thank you for the stream Ina!

  3. come to think about it lamy house is in head quarter of gen 5 the second house is in the EN server she might live in the EN server with a beautiful house and beautful TAKO next to her house ,

  4. Everyone has been getting so much mileage out of the 'kiss' sign Fauna left in Gura's house, and I'm still not sure Gura even knows it's there. lol.

  5. Youtube v=S3ZLAFnbKeM

    HoloMyth & Gochiusa

    Gawr Gura : Kafuu Chino

    Watson Amelia : Hoto Cocoa

    Ninomae Ina'nis : Tedeza Rize

    Mori Calliope : Ujimatsu Chiya

    Takanashi Kiara : Kirima Syaro

  6. Thanks for blessing us with your cute date! The stream was full of てぇてぇ and screenshot worthy moments! I really needed this, I've been having a bit of a hard time as of late so thank you so much Ina and Lamy!!

  7. Seeing Lamy’s reaction to the house Ina made for her makes the effort worth it. I swore I thought she was crying for joy (my imagination). Would love some more WAHMY in the future because the teetee is off the charts

  8. Ahh~ such great chemistry between these two!
    This is the third time… fourth?… that Endy has provided a comedy act in that tunnel, isn't it.
    Not sure if it's the game mourning the ending or the well breaking through but the ending was perfect either way!

  9. I was smiling the whole stream because its so wholesome and cute! There was lots of flirting and chu's too.
    Ina did a great job guiding lamy. I'm glad lamy had fun too. Them two having fun made me happy.
    I always love the cute and comfy streams these two radiate together

  10. Just like last time, the Minecraft date was so sweet (And flirty ). I really like their dynamic so it was nice to see again. I'm glad Lamy enjoyed Ina's gift too! (And vice versa for Ina. The sea lanterns and quartz especially.)

  11. Ina and lamy's interactions are so Wholesome as always, i always love their interactions ever since the Festival collab a few months ago, and then this stream is to wholesome, and a very comfy date, i'd love to see more Ina and Lamy (WAH-MY) collab soon, thank you for the stream

  12. Ina's date with Lamy during the server tour has that Usaken Summer Festival vibes which made things exciting! The bond levels between the two further deepened as a result.
    Thank you for this collab stream, Ina and Lamy-senpai!

  13. A successful date with Lamy full of teetee moments Her reaction to the house was so cute! Now she has a comfy and beautiful place to herself, right beside the priestess

  14. Perfect date Ina. Ima check Towa POV of her death by fall damage.

    Edit: Towa didn't ment to spy on you. Her fall was on Sana building. She prefered fall than die on the stairs trying to escape death. No zenlos.

  15. Ahhhhh the teetee overload
    You two were adorable together and it was interesting to see such a thorough tour. Thank you, Ina and Lamy, for the stream and the good time
    I'd love to see you two do more together! It was a lot of fun!

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