【Cute Programmer】EP13 Clip | Heartbroken! She knew the truth why he can marry! | 程序员那么可爱 | ENG SUB

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【Synopsis】After falling in love with genius programmer Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li enrolls into the school he once studied at, and also took up the same major – calculus. Setting Jiang Yicheng as her role model in her heart, she achieves good grades in school. However after graduation, she did not expect that Jiang Yicheng’s company does not recruit female employees. Lu Li decides to disguise as a man and enter the company. However, she met difficulty both in dealing with Jiang Yicheng’s demands, as well as hiding her identity. Finally with her perseverance, she grabbed hold of an opportunity and managed to come to an agreement with Jiang Yicheng. The two would become a “contract couple” and stay together for one year. Slowly, Jiang Yicheng finds himself falling for Lu Li.
【Starring】Xing Zhaolin, Zhu Xudan, Yi Daqian, Tian Yitong

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10 thoughts on “【Cute Programmer】EP13 Clip | Heartbroken! She knew the truth why he can marry! | 程序员那么可爱 | ENG SUB

  1. He never disappoint me to prove that he is really a jerk. OMG I just can't take it I thought this is a romance drama yet it all about jealousy,contract marriage and poor and sad fl. The visuals are gret but it's the same as all other drama where even if the ml loves the fl but still can't make the fl secure. I love the fl she's beautiful,cute and everything but treate this way by the ml. It's really annoying to know that they are going to get a happy ending. Even in his previous drama you are my destiny she was a jerk. Couldn't get over his girlfriend and at last got accepted by the fl. Plzzz plzzz fl just make him fall in love with you and dump his ass in a garbage bin.let him regret and be sad crying but never take him back. Fall in love with a new and sincere guy

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