✅ How to Use a VPN on Your Mac Device 🔥 Best VPN For Mac Tutorial | VPS and VPN
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✅ How to Use a VPN on Your Mac Device 🔥 Best VPN For Mac Tutorial

✅ How to Use a VPN on Your Mac Device 🔥 Best VPN For Mac Tutorial

✅ Check out How to Use a VPN on Your Mac Device. Best VPN For Mac Tutorial.
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Video Timestamps:
0:00​​ – Introduction
0:33 – Downloading and Installing The App
1:37 – ExpressVPN Preferences & UIX
2:14 – Speed Test Feature
3:33 – Preferences Setting
6:48 – Conclusion and Outro
Transcript for How to Use a VPN on Your Mac Device – Best VPN For Mac 2021 Tutorial

Hi, my name is Nick and welcome to take hours. Today I’m going to show you how to use a VPN on your Mac. This is an Intel machine. And over here is the apple based silicon. And I’m happy to say that the app works exactly the same on both machines. Because currently, as I’m writing this video, and none of VPNs out there released a specific app for the new Mac. But be sure to check out the description because as soon as I do, I’m going to make an update, I’m also going to include all the links to deals and offers that I found. So if you don’t yet have ExpressVPN, there’s gonna be some deals for you there. Well, let’s get into it starting with the first step downloading a VPN from your browser. To download the app, you’ll have to click on my account. And from there, you’re going to see setup ExpressVPN on the Mac, download for Mac, or also over here to set up your devices. And then you have a Mac over there. From here, the both of these links are going to lead you to the download page where you can press download and download the package. From there, just press continue a couple of times and hit install. At this stage, it’s also important to copy your activation code so that we can use it for when the app is installed. So we paste our activation code and we sign in. It asks us if you want to launch a startup. And that’s useful if you want to use your VPN as a daily driver. Next, it asks us if you want to send ExpressVPN additional information. And I’ll just hit No. And here we are, this is the app, all you got to do is press this one button and wait for it to connect. And once it’s connected, you’re good to go. That’s it. That’s how easy it is to install and use a VPN. Now let’s get into the technical details. Apart from the on off switch, you also have the location selector, which has some recommendations by Express has all the servers so that you can select specifically which one you would like. And then the most recent ones, and also the favorite tabs. If you’d like to narrow down your selection, you can go to the old tab, select your continent, and then from there, select your country. And there’s a little triangle over here which allows you to narrow down your selection. Other than that, you have some customizable bookmarks, which I’ll show you how to edit in a bit. And of course up here you have the menu VPN locations is exactly the same as this button that we already had looked before. And then we have a speed test, which is grayed out because you have to be first and disconnected. So let’s try it out and give it a little bit of a test. Well, this is going to do is going to connect to multiple servers which VPN Express offers, and find out which one has the best milliseconds in response time and download speed specific to your location. This is a handy feature to have not all VPNs provide you with a speed test. And some recommend the best server overall, which might not even be the best one in your specific case. So hats off to ExpressVPN for taking this into consideration. This is something you should only really do once when you first start using a VPN. Or maybe when you change a location. You’ll see here you have three categories speed, index, latency and download speed. Now speed index is basically a combination of latency and download speeds. And based upon that, that gives you a score. You can also sort by latency, which dictates how fast and snappy your internet is. And then you have the download speed. If you’re looking to download some files, you can of course choose the fastest download speed. There’s also a handy feature of storing these best options. So in my case, I’m just going to start the top three and then I’ll be able to select them later on with ease. Remember that you can always find your stored items back when… ran out of the 5k characters limit, sorry guys.


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Hope you enjoy my How to Use a VPN on Your Mac Device – Best VPN For Mac 2021 Tutorial Video.



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