गंदे विचार को कैसे रोके?|How To Stop Thinking Dirty & OverThinking|Brahmacharya Motivational Video
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This all Kinds Of questions Answers You can find Here.

We thought why not make a video on this? So we made one only for you. ?


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35 thoughts on “गंदे विचार को कैसे रोके?|How To Stop Thinking Dirty & OverThinking|Brahmacharya|RealLife investment”
  1. आप सभी मेरे लिये अंजान हैं भगवान आप सभी हमेशा कृपा बनाये रखे

  2. व्हिडीओ बुक के लिये मैने पैसे भूगतान (Paid) किये थे मगर अब तक वो नहीं मिला मुझे

  3. Hearing and chanting about the transcendental holy name, form, qualities, paraphernalia and pastimes of Lord Viṣṇu, remembering them, serving the lotus feet of the Lord, offering the Lord respectful worship with sixteen types of paraphernalia, offering prayers to the Lord, becoming His servant, considering the Lord one’s best friend, and surrendering everything unto Him (in other words, serving Him with the body, mind and words)—these nine processes are accepted as pure devotional service. One who has dedicated his life to the service of Kṛṣṇa through these nine methods should be understood to be the most learned person, for he has acquired complete knowledge.

  4. Nagative Thought Stop karne ke 3 FILTER RULE 1) FILTER OF TRUTH 2) FILTER OF GOODNESS 3) FILTER OF USEFULNESS ☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. भाई मैं आपका हर वीडियो देखता हूं एक वीडियो फेक लव पर banaiye आजकल हम जैसे लड़के बर्बाद हो रहे हैं लड़की के चक्कर में

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